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Sunway University

Sunway University is an educational establishment wtihin Sunway Holding which is one of the leading holdings of Malaysia.Sunway University assures excellence in education, because a good education is essential for a good future. Sunway University presents both a qualification of university and confidence of Sunway Holding.

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SUNWAY - Campus 10Sunway University is an educational establishment within Sunway holding which is one of the leading holdings of Malaysia. Sunway University has been upgrading thanks to agreements with institutions which are especially worldwide famous in their fields day by day. The university gives degree of both Lancaster and Sunway University in virtue of studies about equivalence and adaptation with Lancaster University which is ranked amongst the top 10 UK universities and the top 200 universities of world.       


Sunway University nurtures qualified students with extensive education oriented to leading institutions of Malaysia that wants to be an industrialized country. The education has necessary and enough content for today’s conditions and future.

Sunway University accepts to upgrade in principle. It makes this by leading educational content according to academic and worldwide needs. This main principle is an important factor for nurturing individuals who will make a major contribution to development of humanity in every field.

Sunway University devotes itself to become a worldwide qualified higher education institution with superior education system, privately designed programmes for young students and campuses with modern facilities.SUNWAY - facility 3

The university has fulfilled its aim by making agreements about “Twin Degree” programme with prominent universities of UK, US and Australia. (With an education in Sunway University, you can get degree of both Sunway and university which is agreed.)

This devotion is proved and awarded with excellent academic results of graduates and students. There are prestigious awards and rector’s praises of respected universities among these awards. It cannot be accepted as a coincidence that transfer rate of international education programmes in Sunway University is over %95.  

Sunway University assures excellence in education, because a good education is essential for a good future. Therefore, Sunway University gives chance of qualified education for strong minded people who want to achieve.

While establishing Sunway University, Sunway Corporation Group is always generous with providing necessary conditions in order to make vital values improve and enrich. The group also launches a fund for Sunway University. And, it has started studies of establishing educational institutions on behalf of students in March, 1997.

These studies have been accepted as a legacy and officially continued services as Jeffrey Cheah Foundation on 18 March 2010. Thus, qualified education and galvaniser are given to next generation students via vision of Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah who is the founder rector of university.

Jeffrey Cheah Foundation shares the same views with many governmental institutions: Reintroduce someone into society.  Incomes rest of expenses in parted fund of foundation are primarily used for qualified education, R&D subsidy and scholarships for successful students.

The foundation governed by a prominent board of trustees aims at continuing its services enough for giving superior education to today’s and future’s students.

Unique construction is made by inspiring from worldwide well-regarded and essential universities and makes Sunway University be first private university in its area.

One of the missions of Sunway University is the commitment to improving, applying and spreading knowledge.  SUNWAY - facility 5

These principles which will make major contributions to development of humanity are strengthened in Sunway University as a consideration of quality and management.

It is proudly stated by university that quality and standards of education are evaluated as “Excellent” with successful results of SETARA (equivalence in Malay) tests and controls applied with Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) (like TSE in Turkey). This evaluation proves the quality of Sunway University among other local/foreign or state/private universities one more time.

Moreover, Sunway University adapts to not only spreading current knowledge but also applying and improving knowledge. Thus, it teaches available knowledge in a best way and attributes to new discoveries and developments.

Today’s world analyses many problems with intelligence, logic and knowledge. There are economic problems, requirements introduced by technology, increase of population and dangerous climate change among these problems. These problems are very hard and complicate. However, we can completely understand these problems and make solutions for them by means of a careful rational research with well-supported education.   Understanding our problems better, improving and evaluating our lives better are seen as a part of education etiquette of Sunway University.SUNWAY - facility 16

Academic staff members of Sunway University keeps themselves and their knowledge up-to-date and follows development in their fields. Many academicians take a part in research and development projects in their own fields of study. Researches made in Sunway University are directly reflected to education. Thus, the quality of education programmes offered to students is improved.  Sunway University is the only private university which has two stars according to evaluation of Malaysian Research Assessment (MyRA).    

One of the features of Sunway University is to be governed by non-profit organization Jeffery Cheah Foundation like John Harvard Foundation.  On the other hand, this means to reflect wish of founder of Sunway University, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah and improve for the sake of “Harvard of East”.

  • Twin Degree: The university gives degree of both Lancaster and Sunway University in virtue of studies about equivalence and adaptation with Lancaster University which is ranked amongst the top 10 UK universities and the top 200 universities of world.
  • The Main Campus building evokes a sense of openness with its bright and airy space.
  • The Tun Hussein Onn Library is the largest library in a Malaysian private institution of higher learning.
  • Computer and multimedia production laboratories, language, psychology, nursing, science laboratories pave the way for qualified education and practical areas.
  • Sunway University proves that it gives importance to education with culinary kitchens, art and design studios, simulated wards, sports areas and peaceful campus life.
  • More than 50 student clubs, student council, counselling unit and alumni office support students in every respect.

1 - American Degree Transfer Programme

Dunya Elimizdew

The Aim of Programme

  • Getting familiar with the American tertiary education system.
  • Getting to understand the basic required courses, proficiencies and general education courses for the related degrees.
  • Emphasizing specialized knowledge with broad education principles and employment-related skills.

Lecturer’s Words of Wisdom

The American education system offers the most cutting-edge and popular programs at the world’s best schools.

It is a great investment for your future when you graduate from an accredited American school and experience the best of the American education system.

The American education system offers students the widest study options in the world!

You are appropriate for American Degree Transfer Programme if you;

  • want to be in America!
  • are outspoken and outgoing.
  • enjoy the freedom of choice.
  • are proactive.
  • want to jump straight into a degree program without having to complete pre-university studies.

Why Study Sunway’s American Degree Programme?

Every year, millions of students continue their education in abroad after high school. More than one third of students prefer to have education in the United States. What is attractive in there? US has one of the best systems in higher education with over 4.100 colleges and universities and education programmes in almost every field.  There are conventional disciplines and occupational areas in these excellent programmes. Students have a chance of directly studying with best instructors of world. Students improve job opportunities by having top level education, safety and cross-cultural skills. This gained experience survives for life.

This unique quality provides to reach total approach of American education. Apart from gained knowledge in education process, flexible and adaptable degree transfer system, industrial and social experiences, interactive and creative education, academic forums, leadership improvement, sport and extracurricular activities are provided for students.

With a total point of view, it provides job opportunities in a privileged environment in order to create students own intellectual thought systems.   University campus presents an encouraged, lovely area in order to prepare students for live business life and giving them necessary skills. So, students have choice of gaining knowledge and experience for being forward well-supported leaders.

There are opportunities for students;Condo Hostel 2

  • You can do internship in American big companies during education life in US.
  • You can gain knowledge and experience with international network and cultural interaction by participating in group studies and discussions.
  • You can be in an intimate place where instructors, professors, counsellor, student councils and clubs help you about academic and extracurricular matters.
  • You can choose your ideal education programme which makes you nearer to your imagined career among multiple choice programmes.
  • You can participate in overseas programmes in search of personal development. This programme enables students to complete necessary degree hours for graduation.

American Experience in Sunway University

Choosing American Degree Transfer Programme (ADTP)of Sunway is the first step towards a recognized American degree. After students complete their first two years in Sunway, they transfer their degree of last two years into American universities in order to finish their professional programme.

Students also have the chance of continuing their education in universities of Canada, Australia and New Zealand. If they want, students can complete their degrees in Malaysia by transferring their programmes into Sunway own programmes or Monash University.   

Sunway University prepare students of ADTP for American life. Apart from adapting to American education system, a supplemental curriculum is presented. Interactive and applied activities in programmes enable students to learn information beyond professional area they choose. This atmosphere leads graduates to think differently and critically.  SUNWAY - facility 5

Being sophisticated also means participating extracurricular activities. ADTP students in Sunway try to improve themselves and learn with curricular activities.  ADTP takes an active part in Student Committee. Public services, social and sport activities, educational trips, 4 July celebration (independence festival of US), orientation night, Halloween night and sport races are some of arranged activities within university.  

ADTP is like a family that is composed of allied, dedicated students and instructors. Instructors know their students’ names, and make an academic guidance. They also scrutinize student development.

Academicians of Sunway have improved a system that helps students in their university entrance and is used in local network of university.  This system enables students to decide transfer choices in US.

ADTP Programmes of Sunway present American qualified education with appropriate prices. Students spend less money by completing one part of their degrees in Malaysia rather than completing all education in US.SUNWAY - facility 32

Entry Requirements

Academic Requirements

  • Non-Science major: Minimum five (5) credits, including English Language, in SPM/GCE O-Level or equivalent (UEC/High school certificate).
  • Science major: Minimum five (5) credits, including English Language and either Mathematics or any Science subjects, in SPM/GCE O-Level or equivalent (UEC/High school certificate).

English Requirement upon Transfer to U.S.A.

  • TOEFL 550 or above (213cbt, 80ibt) or
  • IELTS 6.0 – 6.5


  • January (spring),
  • March (new students only),
  • June (summer) and August (fall).

The January and August intakes comprise long study periods, with 14 weeks of classes and 1 week of final examination.

The March and June intakes comprise short study periods, with 7 weeks of classes and 1 week of final examination.


Students will spend approximately 12 – 24 months in Sunway University and another 24 – 36 months in the U.S.A., Canada or Australia.

2 - Other Services

SUNWAY - facility 35

  • Alumni Office fosters long-term connection between Sunway graduates and the institution. Even after graduation, update, share and enjoy the great benefits of an extensive alumni network for social or professional purposes. Also, help inspire a whole new generation of students.
  • Other Services are insurance service (local and international students) for accident-related injuries and campus bus service of several different routes within the Klang Valley.


3 - Equip, Enhance and Empower

SUNWAY - facility 5PREPARE is the campus career centre that helps students prepare for the working world. With its motto: “equip, enhance and empower”  the centre gives career guidance, trains students on how to write proper CVs, provides job placement opportunities through their extensive network and career fair, and helps students explore the career of their dreams.

4 - Councelling Unit

banner Counselling Unit2Counselling Unit understands how scary and lonely it can be settling down in a new place, and how stressful life can sometimes get. Students’ mental and emotional well-being are the utmost importance to Sunway and this is a place that they can always go if they need someone to talk to.

5 - Student Council


Student Council acts as a link between students and the management of Sunway University. It is an opportunity to step up, represent and be a student leader. By students for students, the Student Council also organises exciting activities year round.


6 - Extra-curricular Activities

MMU Spor Tesisleri 2Extra-Curricular Activities come in the form of over 50 clubs and societies for all types of interests - intellectual, sports, religious, cultural - under the guidance of a teacher adviser. From taekwondo to tennis, anime to Model United Nations, Korean to yoga; get involved - balance work with play!

7 - Student Centre

SUNWAY - facility 38Student Centre is the cosy place to chill out between classes with a game of football, ping pong or pool. Whatever a student needs, it is available there: the sick bay, counselling services, a travel bureau, souvenir shop, photo processing centre and dance studio.


8 - Sick Bay

A cough, a sneeze, whenever a student feels under the weather, they can make their way to the sick bay. Endearingly known as Nightingale Bay, it is situated near the cafeteria where a matronly Registered Nurse is on duty and well-equipped to handle minor ailments.

9 - 24 Hours Security

Security is non-negotiable. That is why we have a committed team of security personnel working around the clock to ensure that every day is a smooth and peaceful one. The 24-hour security team is made up of security and auxiliary police and security personnel who are accorded full-fledged police status. They provide a comforting presence when patrolling the vast campus or directing campus traffic.

10 - Sports Area

SUNWAY - facility 39Recreational Facilities for sports include the Olympic-sized swimming pool, courts for tennis, badminton and basketball, field for football, rugby and cricket, and a jogging trek.

11 - Art and Design Studios

Art and Design Studios are a number of spacious creative outlets for exhibitions and practical work in design, print-making, ceramics, painting, drawing and photography.

12 - Roof Top Theatre

Performance and Media holds court at their very own Roof Top Theatre which showcases cutting edge audio-visual production equipment to complement the award-winning acting, writing and directing.

13 - Practical Areas

SUNWAY - facility 50Hospitality and Tourism students are given the best training in culinary kitchens for production, preparation and pastry that churn out delicious delights for their five-star training restaurant and the delicatessen. Mock-up hotel suite and travel bureau keep practical training real.

14 - Laboratuaries

  • Computer and Multimedia Production Laboratories have practical PCs and artistic Apple Macs as hardware to all the cutting edge software which facilitatesSUNWAY - facility 16 teaching and learning. Computer labs also allow students to print, scan or photocopy their assignments
  • Language Laboratories make learning English and other languages exciting with computerised assessments combined with the latest techniques.
  • Psychology Laboratories are facilities to watch, observe and learn which encompass observation rooms and practical laboratories including a Pet Lab to observe behaviour of small sized animals, often rather similar to that of small children.
  • Nursing Laboratories are made to look and feel like a clinical facility with simulated wards and skills laboratory to train future nurses in a real-life setting.
  • Science Laboratories are modern and well-equipped to handle the curious minds dabbling in the practical aspect of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.



15 - Cafeteria

Cafeteria is a short stroll from the foyer with warm meals and cold snacks to satisfy all taste buds at an affordable price.

16 - Equipped Classrooms

SUNWAY - facility 42There are more than 120 Classrooms and 15 Lecture Theatres where lectures are held in air-conditioned comfort. All lessons are sharp and crisp as these are all equipped with top range teaching devices.

17 - Largest Library in a Malaysian Private Institution

SUNWAY - facility 41The Tun Hussein Onn Library is the largest library in a Malaysian private institution of higher learning. The vast two-level space houses more than 118,000 books, an exhaustive collection of other publications, and special function areas. It is a comfortable haven to study, read and relax.

18 - Campus Facilities

SUNWAY - facility 33The Main Campus building evokes a sense of openness with its bright and airy space. It is fitted with 24-hour wireless internet (Wi-Fi) access, making it conducive to study at the many study areas. This is complemented by round-the-clock security by the campus’ Auxiliary Police and Security personnel.

19 - World-Class Tertiary Institution

SUNWAY - Campus 10Sunway University was formed with the belief and understanding that higher education is vital to the progress of the nation. We are dedicated to becoming a world-class tertiary institution in providing education of the highest quality. Our aim is to create a pathway for tomorrow’s generation and stepping stones to a brighter future.

















Education Programmes Faculty Time Annual Fee (RM) Degree (+1=MY)
Application Fee for International Students Aplication N/A 500 N/A
Australian Matriculation Programme (AUSMAT) Faculty of Pre University Studies 0,8 17400 Australia
Bsc (Hons) Accounting & Finance School of Business 3 24950 UK +1
Bsc (Hons) Arts in Communication (2+2) American Degree Transfer Program (2+2) 2 19490 US
Bsc (Hons) Business Victoria University, Business School 3 24700 Australia +1
Bsc (Hons) Business Administration (2+2) American Degree Transfer Program (2+2) 2 19490 US
Bsc (Hons) Business Management School of Business 3 23207 UK +1
Bsc (Hons) Business Studies School of Business 3 23340 UK +1
Bsc (Hons) Communication School of Creative Arts & Communication 3 22000 UK +1
Bsc (Hons) Information Systems School of Computer Technology 3 18940 UK +1
Bsc (Hons) Information Technology School of Computer Technology 3 18940 UK +1
Bsc (Hons) International Hospitality Management School of Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure Management 3 22633 UK +1
Bsc (Hons) International Tourism Management School of Hospitality, Tourism & Leisure Management 3 21817 UK +1
Bsc (Hons) Psychology School of Health & Natural Sciences 3 23450 UK +1
Bsc (Hons) Science in Aviation (2+2) American Degree Transfer Program (2+2) 2 19490 US
Bsc (Hons) Science in Engineering (2+2) American Degree Transfer Program (2+2) 2 19490 US
Bsc (Hons) Science in Natural Science (2+2) American Degree Transfer Program (2+2) 2 19490 US
Cambridge GCE A Levels (3 subject) Faculty of Pre University Studies 1,5 16200 UK
Cambridge GCE A Levels (4 subject) Faculty of Pre University Studies 1,5 20800 UK
Canadian International Matriculation Programme (CIMP) Faculty of Pre University Studies 1 22850 Canada
Intensive English Program Faculty of Languages N/A 1350 Malaysia
Monash University Foundation Faculty of Pre University Studies 0,8 20600 Malaysia
Sunway University Foundation in Arts Faculty of Pre University Studies 1 10600 Malaysia
Total Registration Fee Registration N/A 2000 N/A

Student Expenses in Malaysia
1 meal food + drink
Local:  5 - 8 RM
Fast food:  8 - 12 RM
 Drink                          (Student Places) Hot tea, coffee etc. 1 - 1.5 RM
Cold ice tea, cola etc. 1.5 - 2 RM
Starbucks 6 - 14 RM
Cinema 6 - 12 RM
Bowling (per game/person): 2 - 8 RM
Billiard (per game): 2.5 - 5 RM
Transportation Railway, metro, bus (for approximate distance)   1 - 2 RM
Taxi Opening 2.8 RM
10 minutes distance with taxi 7 - 10 RM
Accommodation Renting room 150 - 500 RM
Hostel 90 - 750 RM

Resimleri, Sürükleyin, bakmak için çift tıklayın.


1 - Jolyn

My experience in Sunway includes academic learning, discovery of myself and unique experiences. I have a chance of applying all things that i learned in my courses.



2 - Shalini

Courses, teaching methods, behaviours of academicians, shortly all things in this university is perfect. I think that I improved myself here. 



3 - Adrian

When I graduated from Sunway by getting qualified education, my only aim was to establish my own company. Now, I started to fulfil my dream.



4 - Ahmed / Nigeria

I made many friends and met a lot of people from different cultures thanks to American Degree Transfer Programme of Sunway University. Academicians are helping me to have a good career.

Ahmed / Nigeria


5 - Chit Su

Education in Sunway brings both  theoretical and practical experinces. Experienced, sophisticated and qualified academicians make courses enjoyable and interesting by using different teaching methods.

Chit Su


6 - Selay / Turkey

You graduate with twin degrees that one is Sunway University degree and the other is Lanchaster University degree of UK. 

Selay / BURSA